Why are our aprons Handmade in Spain?

We have always wanted to work with 100% Spanish materials. You will wonder why, givent that costs here are much higher. As in any election, there are always positive things and negative things..

The textile industry

Our commitment to the Spanish product was focused on the fact that the main element of an apron, the fabric, had to be of great quality. To achieve this, we knew that the best way was to use national fabrics. This is how we chose a Handmade product manufactured in Spain. Undoubtedly, in the east, where we come from, there is a vast textile tradition. For us it is a pride and a guarantee to use these fabrics to produce our FORQUETA aprons. Thanks to this tradition, it has been very easy to supply us with different high quality fabrics, in a wide range of colors and finishes.

On the other hand, one of the most notable handicaps has been the search for clothing professionals. During the crisis, many textile companies closed and many others had to move their production outside the national territory in order to reduce costs. For this reason it is so difficult to find workshops dedicated to clothing and those interested in producing this product. After some disappointments, we managed to find professionals who sew every item with the greatest care and attention in our workshops.

An added value

If you like to keep up to date with the new brands, you will appreciate that there are many companies created by young entrepreneurs who are betting on offering a handmade product made in Spain. We are part of it since we are offering an added value to our product. As we said at the beginning, the least friendly part of the national production is the cost. In Spain costs are higher than in other countries and this affects the final price of our products, which is often difficult to explain to customers.

Control of the productive process

Having the production process close to home is another advantage since it allows you to be in touch with the people in charge, as well as controlling the manufacture personally.

As you can see, in FORQUETA we have decided to take into account the advantages of producing our items in workshops, betting on a quality product and a responsible production process.

We are Spanish. We feel proud of our textile tradition. We bet on small scale clothing and we love HANDMADE SPANISH PRODUCTS!!!

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