We were born in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean collection by Forqueta is a true nod to our roots. As Valencians, we are lucky to have a rich and diverse nature around us.

The good weather that accompanies us during practically the twelve months of the year, makes us enjoy the colors of the trees in the mountains, the fruits in the fields, the beauty of the wetlands and the sea breeze that is present all along the Spanish Levantine coast.

Within the Forqueta style, the original aprons that make up the Mediterranean line try to bring you a fresh, dynamic and colorful image. The combination of cotton and linen fabric make this set of aprons our most elegant design.

Forget about the discomfort in the neck

delantales profesionales de hostelería. Tejido de lino
delantales profesionales de hostelería

As with all our designs you will not have to worry about the cumbersome ribbon around the neck, as in traditional aprons. In Forqueta we think about your comfort and for that reason we design our aprons with the crossback.  system. You can choose between knotting it in the back or putting it around the waist.

Winning combinations

delantales profesionales de hostelería

Regarding the inspiration for the different shades, you can see the clearest example in the Ibiza and  Formentera designs. They will look great in your business if you are near the sea, if your decoration is naturtical or if the product you offer is simply “fresh”.

The Valencia and Gandia designs emerge from the most famous Valencian fruit, the orange. A cheerful tone which transmits vitality.

For the most cosmopolitan, those who like to walk around the city in the sun, BarcelonaSalou designs should be the ones.

Finally, Denia y Altea are places that evoke many pleasures. A sunset with a good glass of red wine in your hands is the scene we visualize when creating this combination.

The Mediterranean bib aprons are ideal for your daily tasks at home, because the aprons are not made only for cooks. You will be the most stylish host at family dinners or among friends with one of the bib combinations.

If you work in a bistro, Forqueta’s short aprons will dress your team in an elegant and subtle way, adding a touch of color and uniformity to your business.

Mediterranean Collection, four unique combinations, designed and created for you.

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