One afternoon with María Albero ‘Saboreanda’

In our post today we want to introduce you to María Albero, known as ‘Saboreanda’. The Food Blogger from Alcoy that triumphs in social networks sharing her homemade, simple and delicious cuisine made with fresh products.

How would you describe yourself in a couple of sentences?

– Cooking makes me happy, since I can express myself and because it is the way I understand life. I love going to the market, buying fresh products and knowing their origin.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

– I do not know exactly its origin, but I do know that I’ve loved it since I was little. Everybody cooked in my house: my grandmother cooked, like all the women in the past, and my mother too. She has always been a great cook. She has worked hard to eat well and I had the chance to feel this since I was born. We have always eaten homemade food, we have learned to value food and enjoy a lot in the kitchen both when cooking and eating. The kitchen has always been related to happiness for me.

Has there been any person who has been a reference for you on a gastronomic level?

– I can notthink of a specific person. When I was 4-5 years old I remember watching a program by Elena Santonja at home, and then the famous cook Karlos Arguiñano. Nowadays I like many chefs and cooks, but I would highlight Torres brothers, Jamie Oliver, and my favorite, Miquel Ruiz, whom I am lucky enough to meet and with whom I have a friendship.

Where have you learned the culinary techniques that you apply in your recipes?

I started learning at home. When I was 3-4 years old I was already cooking with my mother and we are still getting together to cook. Later I began to research, read and learn on my own. I have also attended workshops and courses and, finally, I studied a degree in Alicante.

We know that you love shopping in Alcoy market. What does this space mean for you?

– This space, like any market, represents the origin for me. When you visit a market you know the personality of that place, what is eaten, what is produced, seasonal products, what people are like… It is a wonderful place where I can spend hours and hours.

How important is the local product?

For me this is the most important thing. Whereas it is true that there are some foods which are not produced in your region and there is no choice but to import them, I think that it is important to make the most of local products for different reasons. First of all, we support the farmers in our area, avoiding a greater environmental impact (the ecological footprint). In addition, we take advantage of the nutrients and the taste of seasonal products. There is nothing that makes me happier than buying vegetables and knowing where they have grown. It is true that this search for the local products sometimes takes more work, but it is for sure much more satisfying and tasty.

How have your beginnings been like a food blogger? Do you remember the first recipe you shared?

– I started photographing my recipes some time ago. I went on trips and took pictures of everything I ate. People felt really surprised when they saw this, but it has always been part of my life. Finally, one year ago I decided to start with the blog professionally as well as with all the social networks. I have even opened my own YouTube channel. One of my first recipes was ‘COQUETES FREGIDES’, very typical here in Alcoy.

How is the daily life of “Saboreanda”?

– Well, my daily life is quite normal. I usually do pilates in the morning and as soon as I finish, I organize my day. I write recipes, edit photos and then prepare the food (sometimes I photograph it and sometimes I don’t). In the afternoon I work on the edition of the video. Friday is usually the market day, to which I go with my mother and my aunt. In that moment, I can somehow see the wonderful inheritance that my grandmother left in our family. And some weekends I usually go out in Alcoy to discover new markets or to visit those that I already like.

Do you often visit restaurants from which you get inspiration? Do you like to try cuisines from other cultures?

I visit them whenever I can, and I would like to visit many more. I always say that if I won the lottery, I would write down a list of restaurants I would like to visit. I love to try and discover new flavors. Just like when you buy in the market, when you travel and visit restaurants, you are learning about their culture, their flavors, their customs… And for me, this is as important as travelling itself.

Right now you have 1,000 subscribers on your Youtube channel. What is your next goal?

– The next goal on YouTube is to make the work profitable. It is true that YouTube is now more strict, but little by little, I hope to achieve it. You need many hours to record a video, edit it and upload it. At least, this work can be rewarded somehow.

Any dish that you love? An ingredient that you love and another that you detest?

I’m crazy about tomatoes. Cheese, black olives, olive oil and bread can never be left at home. I do not detest any ingredient, but I am not very fond of bananas, anise and hazelnuts.

What is your contribution to society as a food blogger?

– My contribution is to make homemade food visible. Recover and update what our grandmothers and mothers did, make it accessible to everyone and show that everyone can eat well easily. In addition, since I cook with local products I somehow support our agricultural areas and our economy by polluting less and eating quality products. The food will be better and we will all love it.


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