Life is a journey, will you come with us?

Today we want to tell you a little more about who is behind FORQUETA. Half of the duo is Paco, entrepreneur, chef and traveler, among many other things…

After finishing his grades in marketing and spending some time in England, he decided to continue learning languages ​​and chose Italy as the next destination. Here he started to develop a passion for cooking. After completing several courses in Italy he continued his apprenticeship in some of the best hotel schools in cities such as Barcelona and Bilbao.

He has always been curious to discover new culinary cultures. The first thing you think about when choosing a destination is in the gastronomic offer of this place. You can spend hours searching the internet for the best places to eat in each area.

The idea

Thanks to Paco, FORQUETA today has come true. On each trip, he observed how the employees of the places he visited were uniformed in a different way than what he had seen in Spain. Modern, stylish aprons that brought a clean and modern image of the business. At that time, he began to think about this project. This happened about 3 years ago.

Shortly after our paths crossed, Paco explained the project and his intention that I be part of it. His enthusiasm made me get on the boat straightaway. We were going to put all our energy into creating something from the beginning, to undertake together an unknown path with great enthusiasm and also with great uncertainty.

Why the names of the FORQUETA aprons

When we started sketching the aprons we thought about giving each style the name of some of the cities we had visited. This is how FORQUETA takes you to the Mediterranean, our land, from Barcelona to Ibiza, passing through Valencia and Alicante. European cities that you can not miss such as Amsterdam, London or Venice. Places with different cultures like Tokyo or with the best levels of welfare such as Zurich.

Traveling is a pleasure for the senses and a learning for the soul. PURA VIDA!!!

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