(Just) cooking aprons?

When we started all this adventure about a year ago now, we were both sure of what we wanted and that we were going to achieve it.

When we talked to our friends and relatives about our project, many of them were a little stunned. They asked, “cooking aprons?”

The hotel industry is in

As you know, the hotel and cooking trade is currently fashionable. As other sectors have lost weight or have stopped innovating, the restoration continues a positive evolution regarding quality and variety. There are many young entrepreneurs, who are firmly committed to a set up a business with a strong identity. They create magnificent places where you can enjoy an experience that is not only tasteful, but also sensory. A space that surrounds you, awakens your senses and becomes a meeting point for family, friends and, why not, work.

The main purpose of FORQUETA

FORQUETA was born from a very clear feeling, offering original aprons to the best work teams. We believe that workers are a fundamental piece that must fit perfectly and reflect a unique personality. Employees must feel part of a whole, proud to belong to a work team. And an interesting way to involve them in the project is to provide them with a modern, up-to-date work uniform that helps them convey the essence of each business.

Nowadays, the search for an apron can be a real pain in the neck for many professionals. The introduction of new materials, the combination of colors and craftsmanship are some of the hallmarks of the aprons we have created.

delantales de cocina

In search of differentiation

We know that business people seek differentiation, they want to follow fashion, but also to add value to the business. That is why FORQUETA follows the trends of fashion in terms of fabrics or colors and also thinks about functionality. We wanted to make our aprons more attractive, not only for its design, but also for its manufacture.

For us, there are many answers to the title of this post. At first, we thought of an apron as an item to cover the clothes used during the working day in order to avoid its deterioration. FORQUETA wants to bring fresh air to this traditional thought. Why keep the same traditional uniforms in the kitchen? Why not take advantage of this item to improve the image of the businesses and give it a plus of differentiation?

delantales de cocina

Do not cling to the past. Try something different. Try the fashionable FORQUETA aprons.

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