Denim aprons, a classic always in fashion

Who doesn’t have some jeans in his closet? Don’t you think denim is a timeless and durable product? We do! Therefore, from the beginning we thought of this fabric for the creation of one of our lines. In the Denim & Leather collection you will find the most fashionable denim aprons.

The origins of denim

Surely this story sounds familiar to you. In the beginning, the denim was used to produce work clothes because of its great resistance and durability. Its use began in the mining world, later it was extended to other trades such as livestock, agriculture or steel. The cowboys of the far west wore them like nobody else. For more than half a century, the denim has consolidated in the world of fashion in garments that we wear daily as pants, jackets, skirts, bags and even bikinis

A tribute to our childhood

When it comes to creating the design of the denim aprons that make up the Denim & Leather line, we go back to our childhood. Those times in which playing on the street was our main hobby. Just remember the denim overalls with which our mothers dressed us, with buttons and flower boxes. If the denim has withstood all our falls, scratches and mischieves on the asphalt, then it must be a suitable fabric for work.

The denim that come

Being faithful to one of our brand’s most important values, sustainability, the denim we use in FORQUETA is recycled. For its versatility, durability and functionality, our short-term project is to offer you the Denim & Leather aprons in other shades, always thinking of differentiation and design.

Long life your denim apron!

As we have just said, the denim is very resistant. Despite this, we leave you some small tips to keep it in optimal conditions for longer. Items with no leather can be machine washed, at a maximum temperature of 20º to avoid shrinkage and in a short program. Regarding the aprons with leather applications in the pockets, if you want to make them last, we recommend dry cleaning so that the leather does not lose its properties.

delantales denim

Choose any of our denim aprons. Bern and Lucerna aprons show the denim essence. But if you want to give a more special touch to your look or that of your employees, you have 3 other options. Choose between natural leather pockets in yellow (Florence-Venice), deep red (Lisbon-Porto) or brown (Amsterdam-Rotterdam).

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